Caves Cove to Cid Island

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Today was a day for indecision or redecision.  We were looking to find a place to the north of Hook Island to hide whilst the expected SE change comes through on Friday.  But we need to pick up some fuel for the dingy and top up our gas as well as get some fruit, so we decided that we will head in the direction of Airlie and deal with the SE change there.  So the first new decision was to decided to go back to South Mole to do a bit of bushwalk.  We wanted to look at some coral, but the morning was actually very dull and it almost rained, so we decide to give that a miss and do bushwalking instead.  Well half way back to Sth Mole, the sun came out so we decided to go to Daydream Island, just west of South Mole as there is suppose to be some good snorkling there.  So decision number two was to reverse decision number one and do so snorkeling  instead of bushwalking

So a slight deviation and we were to go through Unsafe Passage, which is probably inappropriately named, but it is a little narrow with a good current running through it, but well marked.  Hilary had her doubts when I told her where we were going. Daydream was in front of us and we went to the mooring buoy at the northern end of the island, to find that the water was over 20m deep and the buoy was so close to the land, I recon we could step off the boat onto the rocks if it swung in the right direction.  Now this was hot on the heals of the previous night where we also had a buoy and all it did was incessantly run into the boat and make a banging noise for most of the time we were tied to it.  It wasn’t until 1am that we finally figured out how to stop it, and this resulted in many lines getting tangled around the buoy, which took nearly half an hour this morning to untangle.  We were also next to another boat where some person was yelling at the top of their voice” oh my god” for about 20 minutes, non stop and nothing else to say either, all at 1am.  We were starting to wonder exactly what was going on, but figured it was more pleasure than pain…. Anyway, all of this put us off using the buoy at Daydream.  So we continued further south down Daydream looking for a place to moor, but eventually gave up as it all was very deep, well mover 30m, mostly.  So we decided to go back to South Mole on the SW side and anchor there, where we could do some bushwalking, again.  Well we encountered the same issue and it was simply too deep right up to the beach to safely moor.  Hence, no walking and we decided to cut our loses and go back to Cid Island, which looked interesting when we passed it last time. But unfortunately no snorkeling or bushwalking..,..

The wind was good, but against us and going more so in time, and the god of tides was also about to have fun with us as it was against us as well.  So tacking across the channel was a tad frustrating.  Indeed if you look at the map, you may think I can’t sail a boat, but with a current of about 2knots in about 8knots of breeze, it makes a pretty big difference to your progress.

After considerable effort we arrived to a very pretty little bay.  We had it to ourselves, but a very nice boat came beside us late in the day.  It was a solo sailor who was a grandmother.  We had a really nice chat with a fascinating person who has lived on their boat for almost 18 years.  So that nicely filled in the late afternoon.

We did see a few whales today, a couple of turtles and a few small sailing cats along the way.  The sailing was great, despite the tides at one stage, and the weather was nice and warm.  So pretty good all round.

Allan and Hilary.

Just off South Mole, entering Unsafe Passage and talking on the phone.  I’m not sure if there are rules about that but the autopilot was on and working, so surely not. 
Looking through Unsafe Passage to Daydream Island
Happy Valley on Long Island
Hilary during an exciting part of the day
Looking north to South Mole as the current rather rapidly drags us south.
A small cat traveling around. Ross and I did something similar 25 years ago but said we would return in a bigger boat…
Looking north from our anchorage on Cid Island
Looking South
The boat that came to visit us later in the evening
The sunset. I have to give this one only 3/10.  The god of clouds was only available this morning. 

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