Big Woody Island to Gary’s Anchorage

Hilary getting the anchor sorted
The sunset for the day

Today we were to navigate the Great Sandy Straights and set ourselves up for a crossing of the Wide Bay Bar tomorrow. Well the weather is not playing nice to us and it looks like we won’t be able to cross the bar and get to somewhere safe before a strong NW wind then and new SE strong wind appears.  So today after a fair bit of analysis of different weather patterns and different options we decide to just go to Gary’s anchorage.

So weather wise today it somewhere between dead flat calm and dead flat calm with a breath of a breeze.  We got up around 0500 and were on our way by 0515.  The anchor came up no problems, so I assume I have fixed that problem.  If it doesn’t work in the future I will assume it is a new unforeseen problem; which I might add there are many.

Screenshot_20171105-104043 compressed

We timed our departure so that we did not have to appease the god of current, because we knew what the tides were and where they meet in the middle of the travel we had to undertake.  So we planned it so that at the high tide were were at the point where the tides meet, so we therefore always had the tide with us.  If you don’t understand it, then just assume the god of tides was working with us for a change.

But the god of wind was also asleep (waiting for his big day on Tuesday, I suspect) and we had virtually none, but what we did have allowed us to sail most of the way.  However, when there was no wind then that diesel stuff sure becomes useful.

Anyway, when the new forecast came in at around 1000, it was clear that the situation with regards to the weather over the next week was getting worse.  So we decided that we would not cross the bar this week, but would wait it out.  Our first option was to go to Gary’s anchorage.  We feared that that there would be hordes of boats here, but there is not, at least today.  I assume they are going to try to make their way down the coast before the big winds come.

Well we anchored in Gary’s with nobody else to start with, but a couple of other boats arrived later.  I did some maintenance on the motors as some of the mounts were a little loose.  I had an issue with the salt water cooling system on the motors, most likely because the pump is getting a little old.  But after manually priming them, which required plenty of sucking on a hose and the inevitable mouth full of salt water, we got it going again.  We also have noted that the sun is starting to get really intense.  It seems worse than further north.  Maybe it has just caught up with us, so we unrolled some tarps and covered a lot of the boat to give it some shade.  I also checked that prop again, and guess what, it is still there.  Nice to see it doing its job.  Apart from that I read a book about the death of JFK, and it seems that there is nothing new there, so that was a good waist of time.

So our plans for tomorrow kind of depend on a few things.  We think if we can get a berth at either Tin Can Bay or back at Urangan, we will take that to ride out the weather.  In that time, as we are so close to home, we will take the bus and come back next week to bring the boat home.  This will allow us to sort out a birth at home, which we currently don’t have.  No if that all doesn’t happen, then we will sit here, or somewhere close for a week.  Lots of books, I fear.  Also I have a list of things to do so not all bad.  Some people call it relaxing…

Well we will keep you informed about what we will be up too tomorrow.

Allan and Hilary.

Sunrise at Big woody Island
well this was a windy part of the day
Hilary looking for the next beacon
This guy lives on a different planet, but we enjoy the surf afterwards
Gary’s anchorage
Covered in tarps to protect us from the sun
Sunset with pretty clouds, but a little bit of a concern as they are tell us a story.
The last bit of the sunset 7/10

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